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Power Flushing in Stoke on Trent

Power flushing in Stoke on Trent is the procedure by which the central heating system of a house is flushed clean of rust, sludge as well as any other debris that may have piled up.

A high flow/low pressure pumping unit is attached to the heating system circulation pump and a series of potent cleaning chemicals are flushed through the whole system

Regretably power flushing in Stoke on Trent is a fairly expensive procedure and you should only have one if you really need it. So how will you know when your heating system ought to be flushed?

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The signs to look for

There are some standard indications that signify power flushing is necessary and these include:

Cold spots on the radiators or radiators that don’t heat up in anyway

Discoloured water when you bleed the radiators or in extreme instances when you operate the tap

Substantial noise from the boiler unit or the circulation pump

Poor or non-existent hot water even when the system has been functioning for quite a while

These problems on their own might be able to be fixed without power flushing, however, if you become aware of more than one sign then it is very likely worth considering a powerflush.

The benefits of power flushing

The end result of power flushing in Stoke on Trent is that the boiler as well as the rest of the central heating system become more efficient. This happens because there is better circulation throughout the pipe work and the radiators and in turn the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard to warm the house and water. Therefore the all round result is that you save on your gas bills. Flushing your system can also help to prevent boiler breakdowns.

The benefits of power flushing

The cost of power flushing

As mentioned above power flushing in Stoke on Trent is quite a pricey process. The price you pay is dependent upon several factors, including the size of the heating system and the volume of cleansing chemicals necessary to flush the system clean. On average you will be looking to pay between £350 and £1200 for power flushing and so you must make sure your system will benefit from the procedure and our gas engineers will provide honest advice as to whether or not your system will benefit from a flush.

Our goal is to locate the ideal boiler for your needs, not the quickest system to fit.

Implications of not power flushing

If your heating system needs to be power flushed in Stoke and you come to a decision not to do it then the concerns will quite definitely intensify. The circulation through the pipes and the radiators will slow until little or no hot water gets through. Which means the house won’t warm up and the boiler will be working for no actual reason. The result of this is that energy is going to be wasted and in the long run money will be wasted too.


So is power flushing worth it? The answer to this depends on how affected your heating system is. If the entire system is displaying signs of bad circulation or you discover more than two of the indicators cited above then power flushing in Stoke on Trent will probably be worth the money you have to pay. If, however, only some radiators are suffering from cold spots then it will probably be much faster and a lot easier to take the radiators off the wall and flush them separately. When installing a new boiler you should always have your system flushed. To be sure though it is worth speaking to one of our engineers and letting them take a look at the system for you. Cost-free, no obligation.

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